Vesna Kiz kindergarten combines the best of Froebel, Montessori and other outstanding methodologies in our exclusive program aimed at complete child development. 

Vesna Education is focused on child development through providing unique high quality educational services. 

Vesna Foreign School is currently enrolling students for a primary open class for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please email  for more information.

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Vesna Education Services 

  • Vesna Foreign School 
  • Vesna LoveKiz Kindergarten 
  • HIgh School Entrance Preparation
  • University Entrance Preparation 
  • Foreign Teacher Recruitment 
  • Foreign Teacher Training 
  • Course Design (Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Sports)


Vesna Education Partners

We are proud of the partners we work with, here are some of them.

Who are we? 

Learn about Vesna Education staff, and see what they think about child development. 

Vesna EduCamps are held at multiple locations throughout the year. Guided by our expert staff, the camps are deigned to challenge and help the student grow in every way.

A new beginning from Wuhan!​

We are launching our first Vesna EduCamp from Wuhan in the summer of 2017. Find out more!